Bra Size Guide

Please see below our bra size table to help you select a perfectly fitted Mayarya Maternity and Nursing bra:

Maternity Bra Size Guide Table

How can I tell if I'm wearing the correct Bra Size?

The perfect maternity and nursing bra should fit you on the middle hooks and the strap adjusters should have enough space to be repositioned to loosen throughout pregnancy. You should be able to sit two fingers under the band of your bra to ensure enough room for growth. Your hand should be able to fit inside the cup to allow for space for breast pads.

Not sure about your correct bra size? See our measurement guidelines to determine your best bra size >

Why should I invest in Maternity & Nursing Bras?

Perfectly fitted maternity and nursing bras will be your saviour during pregnancy and nursing your baby. All our bras feature nursing access and are suitable to wear from the 1st trimester all the way through to breastfeeding.

When should I start wearing Maternity & Nursing Bras?

As your weight and size changes during pregnancy, we recommend that you measure your bra size throughout the pregnancy or at least at 12-14 weeks, at 28 weeks and again 4 weeks after birth to ensure you have the best fitting nursing bra after your milk comes in.

Be prepared and pack nursing bras in your hospital bag! Well fitting maternity and nursing bras are specifically designed to suit your shape during pregnancy and post-birth. Supportive bras will help to protect and lift your breasts, which in turn improves your back posture.

Pro Tip:  Every pregnancy is different, but generally women find their bra size will increase by 1-2 cups sizes and 1-2 band sizes compared to their pre pregnancy size. After birth, once your milk comes in, you'd normally find that your cup size will increase by one additional cup size.

After 8 weeks of nursing, your band size is likely to decrease to your pre-pregnancy size. Don't worry - all of our bras come with extended rows of hook and eyes so you can easily adjust your size.

If you need guidance on which bra size to select, we are more than happy to assist!

Please send us an email at and we can help advise the most appropriate bra size and fit for you depending on your current trimester and your future needs.

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