What is Roulette?


Roulette is a casino game that involves wagering on a number on a roulette table. You can make a variety of bet types that come with different odds and payouts.

If you’re new to the game, we recommend you try French roulette because it has a low house edge of 1.35%. You can also benefit from la partage and en prison rules that help you get half of your even money bets back.


The game of roulette consists of a wheel that has 38 (or 37 on European and Latin American tables) divisions, each numbered from one to 36, with a ball that is dropped into them. Players place bets by laying down chips on a betting table, with the exact position of the chip indicating which bet they are making. Although there are many fanciful stories about the origin of the game, most experts agree that it was invented in the 17th century by French mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was later adopted by French Dominican monks, who used the game as an entertainment inside their monasteries. It may also have been derived from similar games that were played in England and Italy, such as hoca and Biribi.


There are many variations of the roullete game, each with its own special rules and payouts. The most common variation is the mini roulette, which uses a smaller wheel and does not include the zero pocket. Instead, the ball will rest in a static marker, which determines the winning number. This type of roullete is often more suitable for inexperienced players because it has a lower minimum bet and higher maximum bet limit. In addition, it offers different payouts for outside bets. For example, winning straight bets pay 1:1, while split and street bets pay 2:1. The payouts for red/black, even/odd and column bets are also different.

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