What You Should Know About Non-Insurable Dealer Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack


Whether you want to play online or land-based blackjack, there are some things that you should know before you start. Some of these things are: Non-insurable dealer blackjack, Free bet blackjack, Insurance, Splitting, and Surrendering.


Getting the best results from splitting is a matter of situational awareness. You should only split when you have a higher expectation for your split hand than the two cards it’s paired with. If you have a pair of eights, for example, it’s not a good idea to split, because it’s likely to result in two lousy hands.

You can also use splitting as a way to double your wager. This is only done when the two cards in the pair are of the same value. If they are not, you can only hit or stand for both.

There are some exceptions to this rule, such as doubling down on an eleven after a split. The main reason to use splitting is that you can create two hands from one hand, thereby doubling your wager.


Taking Insurance in Blackjack is not always the wisest choice. It’s often not worth it, and it will cost you in the long run. The best bet is to bet on Even Money. You’ll get paid two to one odds, but the casino takes only 3% of your earnings.

However, there are certain situations where it makes sense to take Insurance. These include when you have a hand that’s too weak to break even. You should learn how to play Insurance properly.

The first time you are offered Insurance, the dealer will ask you if you’d like to take it. If you do, you will be betting on the dealer’s second card, which is usually a face card. You’ll lose your original wager, but you’ll also get a payout of $30 if the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack.


Choosing when to surrender at blackjack can be tricky. The decision is usually based on the player’s play and the rules of the game. While surrendering does not necessarily mean you’re a weak player, it does help to limit losses if you know when to do it.

There are two main types of surrendering at blackjack: early and late. The early surrender rule allows you to forfeit your hand before the dealer checks for blackjack. This can be helpful if you have a weak hand against the dealer’s ten. The house edge will be reduced by half a percent, and you’ll be able to get out of a losing hand before you lose all your money.

The most common type of surrender is late. This only happens after the dealer has turned the cards over and is looking at his hole card.

Free bet blackjack

Developed by Geoff Hall, Free Bet Blackjack is a blackjack variant that has a number of interesting features. It aims to create a higher card count than the dealer while offering players a more profitable game. In addition, Free Bet has a unique rule that makes it more entertaining at the table.

Unlike standard blackjack, Free Bet does not use jokers or wild cards. Instead, it offers split initial cards of equal value. These initial cards can then be resplit and used up to three times. A free double is also offered for eligible hands. This allows players to double down on any pair or two-card hand.

Despite these benefits, Free Bet does not lower the house edge. It is still a 1.04% house edge. However, if you play wisely, Free Bet can offer an excellent win.

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