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What To Pack For A Beach Holiday With The Kids

August 29, 2018

Beach Holiday with the kids

“You only have 18 summers with your children, make each one of them count.”

We came across this line somewhere in the sometimes very insightful internet (and geez, it makes us emotional when it’s put that way!). So it’s finally here! Summer holidays is all about spending quality time with the family and yes - we totally agree that traveling with kids comes with its own challenges. To help you out, we prepared a list of things you need to pack for the perfect beach holiday - an efficient checklist you can review just to make sure you’ve got it all covered and that you have less to worry about when you head to a holiday in the tropics and ultimately, to make this summer count.



The most important stuff to double check before heading out the door…

1. Passports, driving license, other forms of identification, documents (like birth certificates to prove your relation to your children if you don’t carry the same last name), visas, flight tickets, keys, medical insurance cards, extra passport sized photos.

*Pregnant women may be required to show a letter from your doctor that you are fit to travel, it’s worth checking the airline’s policies on how many weeks into the pregnancy they allow on board, usually it’s at 28 weeks, or if your bump is big early on.

Pro tip: Back up all these documents by first, taking photos of them on your phone and saving them on a specific album so it’s easy to find when needed. Second, email scanned copies/ photos of those documents to your inbox and again save in a folder. These copies will come in handy if anything (hopefully nothing!) gets lost.

2. Credit cards, cash in the currencies you will be needing (plus some extra that are widely accepted/ changed locally). Remember to call your bank before you travel to advise them of your movements so they don’t block your transactions, and to activate international cash withdrawals too, you don’t want bank issues getting in the way of your fun beach holiday!

3. Pens for filling out forms- we know it’s basic but don’t we always forget?



Long haul or short haul, pack these in your carry on, or the kids’ carry on if they’re big enough to make sure you have the smoothest flight possible…

1. A blanket, hoodie, cardigan or whatever item of clothing your child prefers to keep themselves warm when the cabin temperatures get cold. Travel pillows, ear plugs, sleep eye mask, and socks all dependent on how long your flight is and if you travel business/ economy. Comfort is key!

2. Entertainment - books, sketch pads, a journal to write about the upcoming holiday, pencils, crayons, activity books, stickers, games, small toys-keep them occupied! For music and screen time, you might want to bring headphones as some airlines do not have small ones for kids.

3. Snacks - for when you’re on the go and someone gets hungry or for when there are unexpected delays. Depending on how young your child is, packing feeding bottles, cutlery/ sippy cups, pacifiers (if your baby uses one), might be necessary too.

4. Hand sanitizers, tissues and wet wipes, a change of clothes - short/ long haul, it’s always smart to carry these on. A toiletry kit, if it’s a long haul. If travelling with a baby, you’ll need to pack diapers (one per hour) and rash cream.

5. Refillable water bottles for each and everyone, formula and water (if applicable).

6. Extra bag for shopping so you don’t have to use plastic - we prefer collapsible/ foldable ones, they don’t take much space and are lightweight.

7. First aid and medication - preparation is essential!

8. Phone/ tablet chargers and adaptors. And speaking of phones, DO plan ahead how you’re going to stay connected during the holiday, check overseas packages with your network provider as not all places have free wifi. Downloading apps ahead of time can also be useful - for example: travel guides, currency exchange apps, maps/navigation, food delivery and transportation apps specific to your destination.

9. For babies and smaller kids, a lightweight buggy or stroller, a sling, and breastfeeding necessities and nursing covers.

10. An extra outfit for you, for when diaper leaks or messy burps happen (like, always!).

Pro tip: Something extra for yourself - carry on a book or ipad for music and movies, face mask, small makeup kit (don’t forget the lip balm), moisturizer, hand cream, hand sanitizer, a scarf, sunglasses, tampons, hair brush, hair elastics.



Let the beach holidays begin! We tried to keep this short because we believe in travelling as light as possible so here are just a few more things that you must not forget to pack for your vacay:

1. Sun Protection - hats, sunglasses, sunblock, swimming costumes.
Looking for some swimsuit for yourself? Check out our selection here and we’ll help you get sorted for days of lounging around the pool or beach.

2. Check which of the following you may need to bring on your own depending on what your accommodation provides: baby life jackets, snorkelling gear for kids, buoyancy devices and beach toys.

3. Camera - we all have our own preferences when it comes to capturing memories, some bring cameras, some are fine with their phones but what we find useful when going to the beach for summer holidays are things you can use in/underwater: GoPro, underwater camera, or phone waterproof cases.

4. Vitamins, first aid and medication, allergy medications, mosquito repellents

5. A bag for wet clothes - could be the one mentioned above in “FOR THE FLIGHT”

6. The right footwear for your activities - reef shoes, flip flops, hiking or running shoes.

7. Stay fit during your vacay, pack some activewear for a run on the beach or a yoga session.

8. Portable crib, bath time necessities (baby bath tub, there are inflatable ones), car seats, again check with your accommodation to see which ones they can provide.

And that’s it! We recommend saving this link to your phone too so that you can just pull it up anytime you are going away, did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments!

We wish you safe travels and a whole lot of fun this summer!

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