The truth about having a second child

March 30, 2018

The truth about having a second child

Katie shares with us her story on what it's really like to have a second child.

Mummy blogger and fashion lover Katie Rose Decoeli from a small village in Nova Scotia began writing as a passion which then turned into a lifestyle blog covering everything a young mum loves. Now a mum of two, here she tells us her experiences of having a second child.  

You hear transitioning to two children is hard. Everyone says it. You go from loving on one little human and getting to still have half of your life, to splitting your time up between two still needy human beings. But nothing great comes easy, right?  

After the birth of our daughter Poppy, four months ago, life yes for sure has been hectic and hard, but after hearing how life changing the second is, I don't find it has been so negative. Maybe I psyched my self out for the worst? But, the only thing that does suffer is my relationship to my husband. The thing is though, these days are numbered and Rob and I have a lifetime together. So to take a step back from each other to put our kids first for these next few years means we will in return be so much stronger.  

Another thing that surprised me after Poppy is how much the same I am doing things this time around. I am much more relaxed with her and in return, she has become such a chill baby. But, I still do things with her that I swore I would never do because they didn't work for Aubrey. I co-sleep, I let her fall asleep feeding, I haven't done near enough tummy time, and she does end up staying in her car seat for those good long naps. Does that make me a bad Mom? No.  

The thing is, have a second creates an everlasting best friend for their sibling. That is something you can never take away from them. The bond that my two kids share at only four months in, is nothing that I could imagine. Poppy's eyes are glued on Aubrey and his on her. They cuddle, they kiss, they laugh at each other and the soon will play. So, yeah! Two can be really hard when you start off but it is totally worth it. 

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