Planning the Perfect Babymoon

April 11, 2018

Planning the Perfect Babymoon

Discover babymoon destinations!

If you have less than six months left before your new baby arrives, it’s time to start planning a babymoon. Babymoons have been popularised as a way for expectant parents to de-stress and relax before the delivery and enjoy a last vacation together before parenthood. You can also take a babymoon after your baby is born with your new baby, which can be a great way to connect as a family after the baby is born. During this time you can rely on room service, restaurants, and maid service to ease the transition of adding a time consuming (but much loved) infant to your family.   

If getting away for a bit sounds divine, start planning now. Book a spa or hotel stay for a couple days, a long weekend, a week, or more depending on your situation and your stress levels.  

Here are some things you want to consider when making travel arrangements for your babymoon:

  • If you are traveling by airline, make sure your trip is far enough in advance of your due date. Some airlines will not allow you to board a plane in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Will there be a good hospital available in case you need medical assistance or go into labour?
  • Will you have to walk long distances? (This is an important consideration if walking has become tiring or painful.)
  • Is the resort pregnancy-friendly? Does the spa offer treatments tailored to expectant mothers?
  • What is your budget for your vacation? Is there one last place you'd like to visit before the demands of parenthood begin?
  • Who should come on the babymoon (you and your partner, and if it's a post-delivery babymoon, then your new baby can join you, along with possibly bringing a trusted friend or experienced parent, or your nanny)
Babymoon Destinations Are you wondering where to go for that last hurrah before baby comes, or where to go to connect as a new family? You can choose a place nearby or opt for a more exotic locale for your babymoon trip. 
  • If you are traveling in Asia, check out spas and hotels on Bintan, a lovely island loaded with resorts (some of them very family-friendly). Check out Nikoi Island or Banyan Tree Bintan for a romantic getaway for two, or reserve a spot at Loola Adventure Resort if you are bringing children.
  • In Bangkok, Singapore, or Hong Kong, you can enjoy the city life and do some fabulous shopping for baby clothes and accessories at the same time. Upper House in Hong Kong is a high-end hotel where you can expect to be pampered. Singapore boasts the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Millenia or Marina Bay Sands for some serious pampering. 
  • Bali calls to you; answer the call at Jamahal Private Resort & Spa to enjoy perfect beaches, snorkelling, and relaxing under blue skies. Bali, Indonesia, is a relaxing and renewing spot with mountains and perfect beaches. It's loaded with a range of accommodations, so there’s something for everyone.
  • If you're looking for someplace both historic and picturesque, you'll love Da Nang, Vietnam, once a French colonial port with Buddhist caves, verdant hills, and beaches. Stay at the Fusion Maia Spa Resort and enjoy the area's fine beaches, including China Beach and Lang Co Beach.
  • Maldivesis a favorite getaway for enjoying crystal clear blue water of the Indian Ocean and tranquil sandy beaches. In the Maldives, book a room at the Ohuveli Beach & Spa to enjoy crystal clear blue water and powdered sand beaches. Or, you and your partner could opt for something delightfully unexpected at the five star Anantara Kihavah Villas, where you can stay in your own villa nestled along a stretch of private beach, take cooking and meditation classes from world-class instructors, and dine underwater in the resort's exclusive dining areas.
  • Phuket, Thailand offers tropical island paradise and world class beaches. Trisara in Phuket boasts panoramic views from each of its pool villas. Travel to nearby Phi Phi Island to relax your days away on a picturesque tropical island, which is accessible by boat or airplane but has no motor cars on the island. In Phi Phi Island, you can enjoy some snorkeling (if you haven't had the baby yet) or see some lovely island scenery from a relaxing beach chair.
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