Mom Brain, It’s A THING!

October 11, 2018

Mom Brain, It’s A THING!

Mom Brain, It’s A THING!

This week, the gorgeous mama of two and blogger Keisha of the 'Loving Littles Blog' warns us: mom brain is the real deal!

Before having kids I always thought it was just a saying that all moms used to say, the same as hearing a mom say “I sneeze and I pee my pants!” Now being a mom for 10 years I have come to totally understand the mom brain meaning and the “peeing your pants” thing as well!

But yes, mom brain is the real deal. You’d think as mothers we’re all supposed to magically hold all information and contain it all and remember everything in a minute. Well no, that's just not the case here!

I mean it can be quite humorous at times and others it’s just downright annoying. Scientifically it’s the hormones in our bodies changing and creating a total hot mess inside of us moms. One more thing to add to the list I guess. Life sure is not boring with a mom around that's for sure. 

My mom brain has been like a really funny mischievous black cloud following around everywhere I go. I used to think it was from lack of sleep and the whole newborn baby thing. Not the case, my son is 10 and my daughter is 4 yet I still seem to have this MOM BRAIN THING. Examples being, and raise your hand if you experienced any of these symptoms…. Locking keys in car, putting the milk in the cupboard, clearly leaving behind baby shoes, forgetting wipes at home on the counter, calling your kids by different names and just simply forgetting all those little things like pick up dry cleaning on the way home.

Literally not life ending but anyone who will call me crazy or forgetful I remind them that it’s mom brain. Because all of us moms have so much on the go, we’re constantly thinking of others and making sure everything is prepared and remembered for everything. We carry stress on our shoulders that yah, 90% of the time we can’t remember it all. We make mistakes and screw up. Our brains are just so full how could it possibly carry it all! 

Keisha is wearing our lovely Antibes Dress!

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