How to announce your pregnancy, celeb style

August 29, 2018

How to announce your pregnancy

So it may be just about time to reveal the bump. The secret bump only very few know about. But just how shall you do it?! Who will you tell first? How big should the ‘announcement’ really be? Well however you want to share your news with the ones you love, here’s some helpful inspo for you from some of our favourite celebs:

  • Queen Bey (let’s start with the big guns!)

You would have been living under a rock if you never hear about the excitement that was Beyoncé’s twins! And this incredible announcement was 310% Instagram worthy! Those flowers, the mismatched underwear and the all important veil. It was pregnancy bliss. And let’s be honest, there are really no more words we can say, other than “Awww, we love you Queen Bey!”

  • So the Queen’s announcement is certainly one of the best, so it’s not surprising that since it hit our screens that many more have tried to re-create it in their own way. One of our faves would be this effort from writer and comedian Zoe Foster Blake.

Zoe had the flowers, she found a veil, and she gave us a giggle. Would you be able to recreate the work of the Queen?

  • Olivia Wilde went matchy matchy!

Another memorable photo that’s been recreated a few times recently, this had major ‘aww’ factor and is a great idea to steal for its simplicity!

  • Stacy Keibler went for a different angle altogether.

Let’s be honest here, not all pregnant mummas feel up to having their photo taken, especially in the first few months. From all the morning sickness, to the constant fatigue, photos that are going to be publicly shared probably aren’t really your thing right now. That’s why a quick and easy announcement like this is brilliant!

  • Serena went for a bumpie.

The Bumpie is another very simple way of sharing your special news. And we’re loving how casual Serena is in this famous image. Whether she meant to actually share it or not, we’re so glad she did! Although some may view this as a ‘no frills’ approach, it’s a handy bit of inspo if you don’t have someone else around to take a photo!

  • Eva Longoria had all hands on bump!

Although we’re not entirely sure whom the hands belong to, we love how this photo makes us feel inside! We’re really feeling the love!

  • Michael Phelps and his wife left it up to the kids.

There is just so much joy in this photo and we can’t get enough of it! It’s highly likely that two seconds after this was taken, this child actually realised he was going to have some competition and lost the plot, throwing the pregnancy test in the air. But hey, at least they got ‘the shot!’

How did you announce your pregnancy? What inspo would you steal from these celebs?

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