How Mayarya all started....

December 25, 2017

How Mayarya all started....

Hello, everyone! I am Reika, the founder of Mayarya (ma-ya-ari-ya) and the mother of Arya (2 year-and-2-month old) and Maya (6 months old).  Yes!  Mayarya was named after my daughter, Maya and son, Arya combining their names. 

It all got started three years ago when I got married to my husband, Sid, moved to Hong Kong and got pregnant.  Suddenly, I started feeling sick, felt sleepy all the time, could not stay closer to the smell of coffee or garlic and my belly was growing.  Every time I got into a taxi, the narrow roads and curbs in Mid-levels were terrible and as you can imagine, I had to carry plastic bags all the time....  My first trimester with Arya was full of confusion, worries, mood swings and most of all, I did not know what to wear any more....    I tried everything.  I tried to wear what I had in my closet....  Some worked but did not look great with my growing tummy and everything becoming too tight.  I went to fast fashion chains and bought some but it was not my style at all and it did not fit well so I did not wear them at the end....  I googled and found maternity wear stores.  It was depressing but I did shop since that was the only option. 

I wondered all the time why the fashion industry where I spent my entire career ignored the importance of "maternity wear", except some amazing designers now I work with for Mayarya.  I really wanted to contribute to this amazing moment of a woman's life, pregnancy when women have to go through tough and joyous times and fashion needs to support them. A lot of people think maternity wear is just for the nine months or even less.  That's the normal mindset of everyone but if you twist your head a little bit and think again....they cannot be just for the nine months.  Who wants to buy clothes just for the nine months or less? These days many maternity brands and stores advertise themselves like "pregnancy and beyond" but are they really fashionable enough to wear after nine months if you have so many options in the regular women's fashion category?

I saw the gap in the market and I came up with the concept of "maternity-friendly fashion" so the clothes we offer do not look like the traditional old fashioned maternity/nursing wear at all but they are exactly the same as the regular women's fashion but comfortably and fashionably wearable during pregnancy and nursing period.   Now, you do not need to dispose your clothes or give to your pregnant friends (unless you are nice enough and want to help your pregnant friends wardrobe) after pregnancy.  We really design and carefully edit the whole collection, down to what we want to wear, even though we are not pregnant.  That's our benchmark.   In fact, now a lot of clients are not pregnant and happily purchase even though they know our target customer is pregnant ladies....of course, our aim is to make the pregnant customer's life easier by offering them clothes for all occasions from work, date, casual to black tie.  

Enjoy browsing at Mayarya!!

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