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Four Ways to Have Fun with Your Baby

August 29, 2018

Four Ways to have fun with your baby

Your baby is finally here, what a wonderful feeling! Life is busier than ever with your new baby, in fact at times you may feel exhausted. This is totally normal! Finding ways to incorporate and enjoy precious time with your new baby is a must. Along with feeding, changing, burping and doing laundry, finding activities to enjoy with your baby helps him or her develop and grow and will help mommy to enjoy and de-stress. New babies explore with their senses; taste, sight, smell, sound, and touch. There are simple and fun activities to incorporate into your day to make things fun for you and baby.

1. Explore Together: Sights, Tastes & Sounds

  • Let's stroll: take a walk outside, get fresh air for you and baby. It doesn't really matter where you go, but getting out for fresh air and a change of scenery is good for both mommy and baby. So whether you are visiting a favorite coffee shop, a marketplace, or a local park, both of you will feel stimulated and refreshed with a simple change of scene.
  • Diva time: explore mommy's closet. Yes, explore items in your closet! I know it may sound strange, but babies love different sensations and sights. Play peek-a-boo with a scarf, let baby touch different textures. Show them sparkles and glittering fabrics; fun for mom and baby too.
  • Walkabout: take a walk about your home or yard. Point out things to look at, let baby touch items, look into mirrors (babies love to see their reflection), turn lights off and on, or play music and just share your home with baby.

2. Get Moving: Babies Love to Move

  • Yoga motions: there are many baby and me yoga classes, books, and tapes to get you and your baby started in a shared exercise program. It's great to help moms get back into shape, and feel refreshed. Babies benefit from bonding with mommy, as well as increased movements, and body awareness.
  • Dance party: turn on music and dance with baby, rock, sway, and bounce; babies enjoy movement. Laugh, smile and just move, great for your baby’s development and uplifting your mood. Change the melody and the movements, just have fun and be a little silly.

Mommy & Me

3. Mommy & Me Time

  • Storytime: share reading with your baby. Read a colorful storybook. You don't even have to read word for word, baby won't know! Showing colorful pictures and talking is enough for baby. Remember babies attention spans are short so spending time cuddling and reading to a baby can be short and sweet. After reading to baby snuggle and read for yourself. Reading to your baby builds their language skills and provides time to connect with your baby.
  • Splish splash: splash in the sink, bathtub or baby pool, fun for baby and cool and refreshing for mom.

4. Get Artsy: Keepsake Moments:

If you love taking photos, making crafts, or just making memories to share as your baby grows, there and many fun ways to incorporate your interests and your baby. Here are a few ideas for you and baby to “get artsy” together. You can find many more great ideas with directions on Pinterest.

  • Mini photoshoot: use props to set the stage for a baby photo shoot. Create a cute backdrop or setting and snap some photos of your cutie pie. Fun for baby and a photo-loving mom.
  • Finger painting: let baby smush and mush their finger (and toes) in the paint and let them go wild on paper or canvas. This is a special keepsake for mom, and fun for baby
  • Baby journal: jot down notes, save mementos and makes memories for you and baby by keeping a baby journal. Add baby “art” and photos and save it as a special keepsake.

Taking time to enjoy your baby, and not just provide for its basic needs, will keep both of you healthier and happier. Try lots of different activities, and discover which ones you and your baby enjoy most.

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