First Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

October 14, 2018

First Trimester Essentials

If this is your first baby, your bump will probably be pretty discreet during your first trimester, so now is a good time to think about a few key pieces to base your wardrobe around as your body begins to change.

Morning sickness will often have you feeling worse for wear, your skin may be more sensitive than usual, and your hormones are going crazy… you deserve to feel comfortable! 

Ditch anything that feels tight or restrictive, and instead invest in smart pieces to see you through pregnancy and beyond, such as luxurious jersey dresses, soft cashmere sweaters and hard-working maternity jeans that will grow with your bump.

Under Belly Jeans

This is also the time to buy some good quality maternity and nursing bras. As your breasts will grow during pregnancy – potentially up to three cup sizes – it's important to invest in maternity and nursing bras to ensure the best support for your changing shape. Whisper-soft fabrics that are comfortable against the skin, yet offer plenty of support without digging in will make a huge difference to your shape, posture and mood!

Mayarya’s Top Tips:
A-line silhouettes are perfect for disguising a burgeoning bump until you're ready to share your happy news! Try the Elba Dress and Nara Top.

Don't forget to use plenty of rich moisturizer or body oil throughout your pregnancy to prevent itching and to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Over Belly Leggings

Your First Trimester Shopping Checklist

  • Stylish, comfortable pants that will grow with you and still look great long after your bump is a baby!
  • A few versatile shirts and casual tops – a staple of any wardrobe! Look for loose fit styles if you can’t announce your pregnancy to your friends/co-workers yet.
  • Leggings, in either over- or under-belly style made from super-soft jersey fabric for the ultimate comfort.
  • Good quality bras that will last throughout pregnancy, nursing and beyond.
  • A couple of stylish and comfortable dresses that make you look great… even when you’re not feeling it! Jersey dresses are always a flattering choice; choose from a selection of colors, prints and styles to mix things up!

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