Dressing-up the Bump by Inspector Gourmand!

August 29, 2018

Dressing the Bump by Inspector Gourmand

Author: Inspector Gourmand. A French living in Hong Kong, she serves you the crème de la crème from best food in town to best places to sleep in Hong Kong and abroad. With baby on board, life is changing and she's sharing with you all - her stories, her first times, her first fails and hardly learned tips. Go follow her Instagram and read her blogs (http://inspectorgourmand.com/) for her fun, quirky and absolutely helpful tips on awesome food, pregnancy and beyond!


Reaching 5 months pregnant, my piggy face had reached full development and my self-esteem dropped to new lows.  My clothes were either no longer fitting or making me look like a Michelin man. It was the time to invest in a few pieces, especially for work.

But not that fast! You see, making a baby is an expensive business. Bills are literally falling from the sky and you start getting WAY more mindful about your spending. So, don’t go out there without a plan. I warned you…

Start with large clothes...​​

...from "normal" stores. Before 5 months, the famous “is she fat or pregnant” period can be challenging and wearing tight cloth is not always to your best advantage. I found that wearing wide tops and dresses ​were helping during those harsh times. It was also the best excuse to go check out the nearest Zara store to treat myself with a few “fashionable” items. I got warned by mama friends that if you get too tight in it you can forget about wearing them after birth as fabrics loosen up. Watch-out!

If you are a fancy business women...

...find a quality store. You will need a few pieces to keep your dignity at work. In Hong Kong, I found it all at Mayarya (yes, the inspector is a fancy business woman too). It’s a Hong Kong-based online store who specializes in maternity clothing of excellent quality with reasonable prices. Most of their collections are wearable post-pregnancy, which I think is awesome – You know why? Because that flat belly is not gonna get back that fast!

Think long term...

...to avoid having nothing to wear post-pregnancy. Most brands, including Mayarya, usually sell maternity clothes that cover both pregnancy, breastfeeding and ugly belly phases. Consider buying your pregnancy’s “cute week-end dresses & tops” with breastfeeding friendly set-ups. I am sure this will be very helpful to keep our pride in check during the maternity leave. I think enough challenges are coming ahead, let’s try to at least look good.

If you are broke...

...just ask around! You can’t believe how happy your mommy friend will be to know that you are joining the gang. Don’t hesitate to ask if they have a few leftover cloths from their last pregnancy or know anyone who recently gave birth. You can also post an SOS message on popular Facebook groups like Hong Kong Moms and see if anyone is willing to give away or sell at a super cheap price.

I think you got it, Mayarya was my go-to-brand. I bought more than 12 pieces and I am proud to say that I am a 100% satisfied customer. Mayarya’s Instagram account is a must follow. Like no others, the brand has successfully built a community where mothers and mothers-to-be share their inspiring stories.


Thank you, Inspector!

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