Baby Essentials - what every baby will need in the first year

August 29, 2018

Baby Essentials - what every baby will need in the first year

As soon as the pregnancy test gives you a positive result, it begins. The baby shopping. And once it starts, it never ends! The baby industry is incredible, there is a product for absolutely everything and it doesn’t come cheap either. The choice in most of these baby stores is so overwhelming and confusing. If you don’t buy the most expensive car seat are you putting your unborn child in danger? Which brand of nappies are the better choice? Do you really need that wiz-bang swing contraption that people ‘swear by’? What do you actually need?

  1. Cot – obviously baby will need a place to sleep (that is when they finally go to sleep!) a cot, although a simple set up, it needs to be safe! Always check stickers and info attached to the cot to ensure it compiles with all of the safety guidelines.

  2. Pram – a good pram can last you and your baby anywhere from birth to about 5 or so years. There are hundreds of brands to select from and making the final selection is pretty tough, but do your research, and again focus on those safety guidelines.

  3. Car Seat – Most hospitals these days won’t even let you leave without a reverse-facing baby seat professional installed in your car. Again, there’s a lot of safety guidelines that need to be followed when making this purchase. But spending the most doesn’t always bring a higher level of safety. Again, do your research on this and work out of you need a capsule or a convertible seat.

  4. Changing table/mat – baby will need a lot (and we mean a LOT!) of nappy changes in their first few years. Investing in an area to make this as easy as possible is a good idea.

  5. High Chair – once the solids begin, so comes the mess. A high chair is a great way for baby to learn to sit at the table for meals. They can see the world from a whole new perspective.

  6. Nappies and wipes – whether you head down the disposable or reusable path, you’re going to need a whole lot of nappies and wipes! Find the brand that works for you and your baby and then do your shopping. You might be surprised with how often they are on sale. Buying in bulk will save you more in the long run.

  7. Feeding equipment - even if you’re planning to breastfeed, a few bottles can come in handy at times. Along with a sterilizer (not just for bottles, but handy for toys, and dummies too!) and a breast pump.

  8. Clothing – when it comes to dressing babies, their needs are only simple: they prefer comfort over style. Always keep this in mind when shopping for a new outfit. Lots of buttons can be tricky too. Aim for zip closers. Starting a collection of sizes can be helpful too when those sudden growth spurts occur.

What are your baby essentials missing from this list?

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Size Guide Clothing


Unsure what size to buy? Mayarya offers an array of style solutions to suit your changing shape. From cleverly designed maternity friendly but not maternity only dresses with discreet nursing access to maternity pants with stretchy elasticated waistbands that can adjust to your post-partum shape too.

Find out what styles work for your stage of pregnancy and beyond!

How does Mayarya sizing work?

Mayarya follows international sizing standard. We take every effort to keep our sizing true and consistent and we want you to be able to wear the same size across all garment types in Mayarya. However, there will be occasional variations in the fit of some products depending on the style and fabric.

How does the size guide work?

The first step to determine which size to buy is by measuring your body size. Before you start measuring, remember to use non-stretchable tape and to keep the tape close to your body without depressing it. We aligned our products to the body measurements of the International Sizing Chart.

  • For Tops and Dresses, please measure your bust. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest (at nipple level).
  • For Bottoms, please measure your under belly or under hip. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips and just below your bump.

Please see our 'Mayarya Clothing Size Guide' below for more details:

  • CM
  • INCH

Please Note:

  • Our measurements indicate the maximum size within a range. For example, if your bust measurement is 89cm (35 inch), and under belly measurement is 95cm (37 1/2 inch), then you would wear a size S
  • Our model's average measurements during pregnancy: Waist (98cm / 38.5 inch) - Bust (90cm / 35.4 inch) - Hip (95cm / 37.4 inch) - Height (175cm / 5'8 inch)
  • Our model's average measurements not pregnant: Waist (68cm / 26.8 inch) - Bust (90cm / 35.4 inch) - Hip (95cm / 37.4 inch) - Height (175cm / 5'8 inch)
  • Our model wears size S for tops, dresses and bottoms



Bottoms are one of the first items you realize your belly started growing! At Mayarya, we have under belly and over belly styles to accommodate your style and comfort needs.

Under Belly Pants, Treggings and Leggings

They sit below your growing bump and are particularly great during warmer seasons as it means less layers for your bump. A great solution for women with very sensitive skin as it does not cover your belly. Mayarya's under the belly pants look much like regular pants with stretchy, elasticized waistband so you can continue wearing them post-pregnancy too!

Over Belly Pants and Leggings

They are particularly great if you want some support around your belly. We choose breathable and stretchy fabric so it will not restrict the growth of your baby. You can fold them down during the early stage of pregnancy, roll up during 2nd and 3rd trimesters and roll/fold them down post-pregnancy.

Shop all Maternity Bottoms >

Over Belly Treggings
Front Twisted Maternity and Nursing Dress



Our dresses and tops are designed for both pregnant and non-pregnant women in mind so you can wear them seamlessly post-pregnancy.

You can select your size according to your pre-pregnancy size since our clothes are designed to fit from your first trimester to your third trimester. 

Our smart design allows more room around your belly during pregnancy but falls down nicely on your body after pregnancy.

If you have gained more than the average pregnancy weight according to your doctor, you could go one size up from your pre-pregnancy size. If you are between two sizes, we recommend you pick the larger of two sizes.

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