5 Breastfeeding Tips that Made Life Easier for Me

August 01, 2018

5 Breastfeeding Tips that Made Life Easier for Me

5 tips to make life easier for you and less painful for your nipples. Rebecca Jo-Rushdy, co-founder of the fabulous online kids store Baobae.com, shares her  5 breastfeeding tips to make life easier for you....   

We all know that mama’s milk is the best for babies. Having been told repeatedly that we are designed to give birth and rear our little ones we expect breastfeeding to come naturally and easily. So when the inevitable, and sometimes excruciating, nursing hurdles appear its all too easy to get disheartened. The breastfeeding blues…we’ve all been there. Tearful nursing sessions with cracked nipples, leaky boobs causing visible wet patches in the middle of a dinner party, not enough milk when you need it most or too much when you don’t need it at all, the list goes on! But the truth is our bodies are designed for this, and nothing in life comes without its ups and downs. In celebration of Breastfeeding Week, here are a few tips to make life easier and nipples less sore!  

Position is everything. To put it in perspective, my 53 hours labor sans-epidural was like a walk in the park compared to the first week of breastfeeding. If only I had come across this recent study before giving birth. It has shed light on the fact that most of us are taught incorrectly how to breastfeed thus creating a painful and challenging experience for both the mama & baby. I have shared this report with friends and family who have given birth recently and they have found it very useful. This will definitely be my guide for baby #2!  

Eat like a cow and drink like a horse. As baby literally drains you dry during every feed you experience a thirst during nursing like no other. I always kept a water bottle within arm’s reach, and sipped on papaya soup or bone broth soup from a mug. Thankfully I love rice because I was eating 3-4 cereal bowls of it every day. Despite eating like a cow I watched my baby weight melt away because breastfeeding burns 300-500 calories per day – Thank You God!  

Nipple ointment? Produce your own!I have spoken to hundred’s of breastfeeding mamas and it seems cracked bleeding nipples almost unavoidable for at least some period of time. There are literally thousands of ointments on the market but none are as effective as letting your own breast milk air dry on those sore teats. It has anti bacterial and other healing properties and unlike many ointments doesn’t leave a weird taste or smell which can turn-off baby.  

The ultimate in-flight pacifier. We took a dozen flights, half of them long-haul while I was still breastfeeding, and nothing beat the boob for calming down baby during takeoff, landing, turbulence or just while re-watching season one of Sex in the City on the in-flight entertainment system! Whenever she got fussy I just threw on the nursing cover and ahhh – silence! It also meant less stuff to carry on trips; no bottles, sterilizers, formula, etc.  

Go with your gut and don’t give up. All well-meaning advice (including this post) can lead to more stress, which ultimately depletes your milk supply. When in doubt just go with what feels right for you and your baby and don’t feel guilty if it takes longer than expected for your milk to come in and you have to supplement with a little formula early on, just try to keep up the breastfeeding at regular intervals and get plenty of food and drink to boost your production. For some mamas it can be a few weeks before their own milk supply is sufficient.

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