Join the Mayarya VIP Club!

There are many benefits to our lifelong membership program. Our VIP program is designed to say thank you for your support, reward you and offer you the best shopping experience. Your membership can be shared with one friend, see more details below.

Join the Mayarya VIP club to benefit from exclusive offers and discounts at Mayarya and our selected partners. Simply spend US$600 / 800 AUD / 500 GBP or over in a single transaction to become a VIP. You will be rewarded with 10% off all purchases in-store and online.





Share your vip benefits with friends / family

Simply nominate one friend to join your VIP account and enjoy the discount together.

E-mail Mayarya the details of your nominated friend to start sharing today!

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Terms & Conditions:

- Once a friend joins the VIP account, the VIP and only one friend can enjoy 10% discount off all full price items.

- No more than two people are allowed under one VIP account at one time.

- Three months after one more name can be added but one of the two will have to leave the account.

- Mayarya reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.



Frequently asked questions - VIP CLUB

Question: Are there any exceptions to the VIP discount?

Answer: Although, items for "SALE" (ie: already discounted) and the purchase of a gift voucher can be counted towards the US$600 / 800 AUD / 500 GBP respectively, they are not additionally discounted once you become a VIP.

Answer: Yes, it is lifetime membership for the member.

Question: Is there any difference in shopping online in terms of VIP Membership? How does it work online?

Answer: The discount can be used online also. Our e-commerce team will send you an email about activating the VIP discount once you become a VIP in the store. And the member only needs to login with the email provided and she can enjoy VIP discount automatically.

If you have further queries, please contact Mayarya by e-mail: or call (+852) 8100 4008.